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The DIRTRIDE Evo jersey offers the essentials for off-road use. The equipment of the DIRTRIDE Evo line was created to support these athletes. The DIRTRIDE Evo jersey is made from a fabric in the main body that repels moisture and helps keep the body cool, dry and comfortable. Perforated side panels increase air circulation, helping to control humidity and regulate body temperature. Lightweight arm cuffs provide a precise fit without creating a tight feeling, and a wide-brimmed design keeps the shirt tucked into pants.

Jersey DIRTRIDE Evo Basic II (Marlboro red / white)

Color: vermelho Marlboro / branco
    • Moisture-resistant fabric provides a light, smooth fit while keeping sweat away from your body to keep you dry.
    • Sleeve cuffs and mesh collar enhance fit and comfort
    • Dyed or sublimated graphic panels to achieve rich and vibrant colors
    • The wide-brimmed design keeps the jersey inside the pants.
    • 100% Polyester
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